What To Expect


Heather and Chris are registered as specialists with the Dental Council of New Zealand. They see patients of all ages. Heather sees patients who would like straight teeth and an improvement in their bite and Chris sees patients who have damaged, worn, or discoloured teeth and wish to consider improving the appearance and function of their teeth. 

The first appointment is usually a consultation where you discuss the problem with the appropriate specialist and we talk about what is possible, whether there are some options, and how long the treatment might take. The patient or their parents would also get some idea of the costs involved. Small urgent or temporary treatment is sometimes done at this appointment

Most people or families like to go over what we’ve talked about at home at this stage, and some patients are not old enough for orthodontic treatment. There is seldom a rush. We frequently see patients in a year for a follow up appointment if we need to wait for more growth. 

The next appointment is often for records. These can include photos, xrays and plaster casts. These help us gain a full understanding of the problem. About a week later when we have had time to consider the records. We discuss the final plan with you, and it is a good time to ask lots of questions. We talk about all of the options, and their advantages and disadvantages. Some restorative treatment is undertaken in stages. This is less common with orthodontics in our practice. Sometimes a problem will need our combined expertise or that of a different dental specialist. We will refer you to the appropriate person as necessary. 

When you and your family are ready. We begin treatment. Treatment with braces averages about two years. Restorative treatment varies in treatment time but is often not as fast as on TV.  At any time we are happy to book a time to talk about how the treatment is going.